I am a writer, nature lover and photographer.

After working in the world of safaris in Kenya, I now live in the hills of the Cévennes in rural France. A place of wild landscapes, ancient rocks and seasonal rivers, deep valleys studded with green oak and heather,  a place that never fails to inspire.

Photography has been my creative passion for the last thirty years. It keeps me immersed in my surroundings, allowing me to save a moment when the light is just right or when the smallest of details, the textures and patterns of nature, catches my eye.

I like nothing more than to explore the hillsides near our old stone house in the Cévennes with my camera, often lying on the ground taking pictures of wild flowers and grasses… At home you will find me either faffing with flowers and leaves in the studio, or writing stories, imagined or not, of the world outside the window.

Louise Sayers