How it all began

‘The Cévennes, with wild landscapes and ancient rocksit’s valleys of green oak and its deep, deep quiet, seeps into your bones and grounds you, and for the first time you know you have found a place that you will never want to leave’ - Lou     



The story of figTart really began way back when Lou and her family stumbled across an old stone house high up in the hills in the wild and rugged region of the Cévennes in Southern France. The house was surrounded by ancient fig trees that opened out onto the valley below. They were enchanted, uprooted themselves from London with their two baby girls and the family’s Cévenol adventures began. 

Molly worked in London but spent every moment she could with the family at the house, immersed in nature. Waking up to big skies, Lou & Molly dreamed of bringing little pieces of Cévenol magic into people’s homes...  


Who we are

‘If you could choose your family, we would choose each other.’ - Molly  

Lou & Molly are wonderful friends, trusted teammates and also, stepmother and stepdaughter; a special relationship they love. 

Lou met Molly’s dad when she was living and working in Kenya on safaris. Straight away she and Molly had an immediate and deep affinity for each other, which has evolved from best friends to now also business partners and creative collaborators. 


Molly has always been drawn to making and production. She qualified from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with a first-class degree in technical theatre where she learnt all the crafts of ‘backstage’, including scenic art, prop-making and costume.
Molly "I’m a creative problem solver. I daydream… then I develop systems. Nothing gives me more joy than working out how to physically manifest something I’ve imagined in my head. I’m happiest when I’m creating, and constructing our own mounts is a process I relish. It allows me to focus, separate from all that is going on around me, and be mindful of the task in hand."
Lou is an explorer, a nature lover and a photographer. Starting work in the world of safaris in East Africa and now based in rural France. She has been photographing her way from the African Bush to the rugged hills of the Cévennes.
Lou: “My camera has been my trusted companion for the last thirty years. It’s my creative passion; allowing me to immerse fully in my surroundings, keeping in tune with the different elements of earth, sky and water and the changing of the seasons. I’ll forever be in awe of the natural world and nothing inspires me more than flowers, light, plants and the quiet of deep countryside ."


Taking our inspiration from nature as well as our shared taste for eclectic and unique interiors, we have combined our strengths to create the world of figTart. 
If you have any questions for us about figTart, our artworks… or if you just want to say hello, please do!

Lou & Molly x