Our Process


figTart is a world of magical combinations and collaborations - of people, places and creativity   


The Photographs

Lou’s photographs are inspired by nature and the places she has lived around the world. The Coquette collection, with its vibrant florals and snakeskin patterns, is reminiscent of her years spent living and working in the Masai Mara in Kenya. The soft and romantic Duchess collection is a celebration of the garden she has cultivated over the last decade in the Cévennes, in Southern France. Each photograph tells a story.

Drawing inspiration from light and shadow, shells or single flowers, Lou’s botanical portraits are crafted in moments of deep observation, capturing nature’s diversity and drama from her personal perspective and experience.


The Fabric Pairing
Our fabric pairings are fundamental to our artworks. Every material is carefully selected to enhance the mood of each portrait, melding still-life to fabric to frame. The fabrics can create a complimentary layer, a softness and fluidity further enhancing the atmosphere of the photograph; or perhaps a contrasting layer, using an unexpected texture or pattern bringing drama and tension to the piece.
Whether a vintage find that we breathe new life in to, a natural linen or a shimmering silk, every fabric is chosen to impart a richness and tactility to the artwork in an exciting and original way.
The Printing & Paper   

Every element that comes together to create an artwork has been carefully considered for its contribution to the piece, right the way through to our choice of paper and printing. For example, our Coquette collection is printed on Fuji-Flex super-gloss paper, a high-drama bold choice that packs a real punch - whereas our Pearl and Duchess collections are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo, a gorgeous velvety aesthetic that adds to the softness and romance of each piece. 

Our printed materials are undertaken by one of the most environmentally friendly printers in the UK who pride themselves on using sustainable processes and materials. They also have a zero landfill policy and carbon neutrality as part of their mission statement.

The Frames
Substantial in the hand and built to last, our frames are not just the finishing touch to our portraits but an integral part of our vision. We work closely with a local artisanal framer, who hand-crafts each frame to order.
The Finish 
Our Artworks are made especially for you. No two pieces are quite the same as they are all handmade with love, care and attention.


If you have any questions for us about figTart, our artworks… or if you just want to say hello@fig-tart.com, please do! 

Lou & Molly x