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The sculpted yet ornate form of our Koro, the seashell ‘Murex Ramosus', reminds us of ancient coral. Spiky leaf-shapes complement the arching spine and silky-smooth inner surface to create a natural object of rare and awe-inspiring beauty. 

Koro, alongside its three sister images in the Pearl collection, is cosseted in a luxurious silver satin crepe, giving the impression of a sea of silk ebbing and flowing around these intimate portraits. 

The Pearl Collection is printed on Hahnemühle bamboo paper, allowing the detail and depth of each shell to shine through with painterly results. This fine-art matt paper is made from 90% Bamboo fibre and 10% Cotton, which also makes it a highly eco-friendly choice.  

A hand-made, black wooden, box frame completes each image, ready to bring the wild beauty of the seashore into your home.
Koro measures 30cm x 30cm 

Also available as part as a set of four.